Michael Nelson JAGAMARA


Michael was born at Pikilyi,West of Yuendumu in 1949,he grew up in the bush 'without clothes' first seeing white men at Mt Doreen Station. Later his parents took him to Yuendumu for European education at the mission school,he left at age thirteen,after his initiation,and worked buffalo shooting in 1962 on the East and South Alligator Rivers,driving trucks,droving cattle and in the army,before coming back to Yuendumu and then Papunya to settle and marry his current wife Marjorie.
Michael came to Papunya in 1976,working for a time in the Goverment store and for the council,observing the work of older artist for years and beginning to paint regularly for himself in 1983. His parents were both Warlpiri and his father was an important 'Medicine Man' in the Community.
In 1988,he achieved prominence when his design was used for a mosaic in front of the new Parliament House in Canberra. Michael paints Possum,Snake,two Kangaroo's,flying Ant and Yam Dreaming for the area around Pikili,he now lives and works in Papunya. Michael is considered to be one of the mosy famous and prolific painters in Australia.

In 2016, At the Sotheby's London auction, Michael Nelson Jagamara's iconic work, Five Stories, 1984, achieved an artist record, and perhaps also a record for the highest price for any living Aboriginal artist, when the work sold for AUD$687,877 (GBP401,000), more than doubling the pre-sale estimate of AUD$256,500-$342,000 (GBP150,000-200,000). The work, offered to auction from the Gabrielle Pizzi Collection, is considered to be the most significant piece of contemporary Aboriginal Art, and is said to be the most published and exhibited work by any Indigenous Australian artist.


Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht

Gordon Darling Foundation, Canberra

Flinders University Art Museum, Melbourne

National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

National Gallery of Victoria

South Australian Museum, Adelaide

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin

Parliament house, Canberra

François PINAULT collection, France.

Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani private collection.

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Michael Nelson JAGAMARA

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Names: Michael Nelson JAGAMARA
City/State: Papunya , NT
Country: Australia
Number of visitors: 54803


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